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We offer The Best Hardware Wallet at the Best price. A wallet is Used to store your Precious Digital Assets, it doesn't need to tell the time or cook for you. We have taken the guess work out of Looking around in circles and all our paths have lead to one product. The Ledger Nano S. The Nano S is the Best Hardware Wallet Available.


The Ledger Nano S provides an extremely easy to operate interface that is just perfect for Beginners to Tech-Sperts.


All of your Private Keys are never exposed when you use a Nano S, your transactions can't get tampered with as they are all physically verified on the embedded screen with a touch of a button on the side of your ledger Device, ensuring your Crypto assets will never leave your posession remotely.

How to: Configure and Operate Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet

• Why Choose Hardware Wallet?

• Why the Ledger Nano S?

• Why shouldn't i Store my Digital Assets on Coinspot or My Phone or Web Wallet?

Here's Why;-

• It may work out fine for a little while but compared to using a hardware wallet, it would be like leaving your Keys in the ignition and keeping your door wide open.

• Exchanges and marketplaces get hacked often. There is simply nothing they can do about it. This is because exchanges operate in an online environment.

• Storing your own Hard Earnt Crypto should be done in the same way you would Store your most precious Belongings, IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT.

• If you leave your digital assets in any online environment they have the potential to be STOLEN, it may not be a matter of IF, it may well be a matter of WHEN.

• The most Reputable and secure Marketplaces/Web/Desktop Wallets can lose your assets, if you use any of these you are at RISK.

• Storing Crypto Offline can be done two ways, You could use Paper wallets (private key written down on paper and stored in a safe location); and with a Hardware Wallet, however In order to withdraw from cold storage on a paper wallet, you need to actually Access it. This requires you to type your Private Keys into your computer, or expose your keystone file.

• If your computer is compromised and there is malicious software recording your keystrokes or capturing your desktop your Balances Will Disappear. Although this is not common knowledge, this happens on a regular basis.

• If you want full Security of your Assets you must be Vigilant and take the additional step to ensure your Currency will never leave your control, no matter how infected or careless you should be in regards to your computer or internet connection.

• The 'Ledger Nano S' requires you to physically verify transactions with the press of a button and provides a completely secure offline environment to store your Assets.

• The 'Ledger Nano S' is the 'Best Priced' Hardware Wallet on the internet.

• Your Funds can not be remotely accessed or stolen under any circumstance.

• The only person in control of your Assets is YOU.

• If you lose your Hardware device, do not worry as your Assets remain 100% Safe. If someone steals your device it will completely Disarm itself after three failed attempts at your 4 Digit Pin. The Nano S Generates a unique 24 Word Security 'Seed'. This is your Backup and is best stored in a Secure Offline Location.

• Hardware Wallets are simply the only way to fully ensure your Crypto Assets are 100% Safe and Secure.

I am pleased to be partnered with Ledger, being able to provide this product at the lowest possible price combined with great customer service.

Your Satisfaction and Peace of Mind Guaranteed.

The 'Ledger Nano S' - Specifications

Extensive Detail on the Product From the Manufacturer.

  • In the Box

    Ledger and Components:

    Inside the Box Includes the Ledger Nano S, Usb Cable, Instructions, and your Recovery Sheet (Sheet to store 24 Word Seed) Along with a Keyring and Lanyard.

  • Security:

    Security and Privacy is of Upmost Importance

    Protected with Pincode upon each connection to a decice, Your Private keys are never known By Ledger or any third party as they are locked withinn the secure element, Your wallet remains decentralized and you are your own bank. The Ledger is Malware Proof and engineered on dual chip architecture (ST31/STM32, Certification level: CC EAL5+) The Firmware Integrity is guaranteed by cryptographic attestation.

  • Combatability: Weight and Dimensions

    98mm x 18mm x 9mm. Weight 16.2g. Compatable with Windows 7+, Mac 10.8+, Linux or Chrome OS. Requires Google Chrome or Chromium and one USB port to plug in your device. Compiled of Brushed stainless steel and plastic. The ledger is Very Durable and can take a beating.

  • Features:


    The Nano S features a built in display and Supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Altcoins wallet, to store all of your assets in the same hardware wallet. Ledger are constantly adding new coins but currently support dogecoin, ripple, btc, ark, eth classic, zcash, stratis and all of the Ehereum based tokens such as OMG, DNT, TENX Etc.

  • Ensuring


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